Maternity Leave 1:1 Coaching

Maternity Leave 1:1 Coaching


This 1:1 Program is a six-week commitment where we work together to get really intentional about your life post maternity leave.  Whether you want to rock your return to work, start a business or pursue a new passion, we’ll work together to set your specific goals and define a plan for life post mat leave.

 You’ll move from an experience that feels unclear and disorganized (this is the snapshot I’ve seen over and over again!) to feeling like you’ve got it together and under control. 

 We’ll explore topics like:

·      Your values and life priorities

·      Developing your self-belief and confidence and finding ‘you' again

·      The logistics of integrating motherhood and your goals (like daycare)

·      Setting and communicating new boundaries

·      Overcoming anxiety and guilt

·      Balancing your different identities and roles

·      Establishing and communicating sustainable working patterns

·      Maximizing your effectiveness and performance

·      Building and living your personal brand


With this program you will:

·      Ditch the feeling of being out of control of your own career

·      Regain confidence on what you have to offer the workplace

·      Articulate and demonstrate a personal brand that you’re proud of

·      Uncover new insights to intentionally manage career transition

·      You’ll get new skills that you’ll use over again in your professional career

 What you get:

·       A comprehensive starter pack with all your to do’s

·       6 x 45 minute private coaching calls via video conference

·       Resources and worksheets to support you throughout the process

·       Videos and step-by-step guidance

·    Access to the coach for six weeks to give you extra support

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Funding Options May Be Available

√ Moms who work for an employer: Check to see if this may be covered as a training expense. Download: Employer Info Sheet

√ Moms who are entrepreneurs: Check with government funding agencies like : Provincial Education Training And Labour, Women In Business, Community Business Development Corporations.