Three Ways Job Hopping Helps Your Career


Job hopping has gotten a pretty bad reputation.  Many people are fearful of working with different employers and holding different positions.  You might be thinking holding a bunch of different jobs could have a negative impact on landing your next gig.  I think most employers are looking for some sort of commitment from candidates being considered for full-time roles.  But this doesn’t mean that you should omit your experiences from your resume. 


The truth is, it can take some time to figure out where you want to work and what you want to do.  Sometimes temporary work and short-term employment relationships are necessary to figure out what makes you happy.  With a movement towards a workforce dominated by millennials, employers are going to have to become more comfortable with all this movement.


In the meantime, millennials and job hoppers should think about their messaging around their job transitions.  Here are a few reasons job hopping can actually be good! 


1] Job Hopping Leads to More Diverse Experience


You can learn a ton from staying with a single employer over the course of many years.You can even take on different roles and learn different businesses.Ultimately though, it’s the same company.No matter where you go, it’s likely you’ll experience a similar culture, values and processes.


Working with different employers means your experience working in diverse environments is broader.This is especially true when transitioning across sectors or industries.On top of this, by moving through different jobs you’re forced to build a new reputation and new relationships quickly.You’ve got to become credible all over again.These skills are totally transferrable to any workplace.


2] Job Hopping Means You’ll Probably Earn More


This diverse experience comes with financial value.On top of this, most people would have an expectation of a salary increase with a transition to a new company.If you’re in a long-term relationship with an employer, you’ve probably only got an annual salary increase to look forward to.At best, these increases are often only incremental.


Use the job offer as an opportunity to negotiate with your prospective employer.I think many people forget this is an initial ‘offer’.So many people are just so excited to get the job they accept the initial terms.Why not go back and ask for more?


3] Job Hopping Seems Really Exciting


Switching jobs means constant learning.Moving from company to company allows you to stay sharp by learning a new operation and working with new teams of people.The change of environment seems exciting and the constant learning curve seems to leave little time to get bored.


Try to see the bright side of job hopping.  Be confident about your decisions and reflect on how they were best for you.  Think about how to address any tough questions you might have about your experiences in a job interview.  Ultimately, if you’re confident about your choices and can clearly articulate the benefits of your diverse experience, this is sure to impress the recruiter.

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