Three Signs You Probably Didn't Get The Job


So you’ve nailed down your career goals and you’re starting to feel good about your resume.  Your phone’s starting to ring and you’re pumped to be moving on to the next step in your job search – the interview process.


Interviewing for jobs can be brutal.  It can really take a toll on your ego.  Here are three big signs you probably didn’t land the job.   If you’re obsessively checking your inbox and voicemail for your next offer, take a break if any of this sounds familiar.


1] You’re Obsessively Checking Your Inbox and Voicemail


The interviewer said ‘We’ll get back to you within a week.’  Here we are two weeks later and not a peep.  You’re thinking,  ‘is there something wrong with my email?, maybe my voicemail is full, did the Recruiter mean five days or seven days?, should I only count working days?, when should I follow up?  In short, you are going insane.  


It sucks that the company didn’t keep their follow up commitment.  I say go ahead and send the Recruiter a follow up email after a week.  Maybe do a second follow up two weeks later.  


If you don’t hear back, sorry to say – you’re not getting the job.


2] The Interview is Really Short


You’ve been preparing for the interview for several hours.  You understand the position and company.  You’ve even got some great questions prepared.  Then, the interview lasts like 15 minutes. 


In this case you feel like the employer didn’t get to know you at all.   This would signal that the Recruiter has made an assessment based on something that’s happened in those 15 minutes and screened you out of the process.   You’re mentally going through every word you said, aren’t you?


There could be exceptions here.  Say if you were interviewing for like an auctioneer position or something, maybe.  Other than that, you’re probably not moving on in the recruitment process.  


3] The Interviewer is Distracted


You feel like the interviewer isn’t really paying attention to you.  In a group setting, there’s someone on the panel glued to their phone.  Never mind that you ironed a shirt for this interview, geez - rude.  No matter what you say, or how you try to engage in eye contact, they’re just not interested.  This interviewer’s really just not that into you.  


Sure, there could be some monumental company emergency going on that’s claiming their attention.  Or maybe they’ve just received a text that their wife’s going into labor.  In either case they should probably leave the interview.  To me, distraction signals disinterest.  You’re so not hired. 


There are exceptions to every rule of course and there will be other jobs.  You could hear from the company weeks, or even months, later.  Really though, do you want to work for someone that didn’t give your perfectly pressed shirt the attention it deserved?