5 Simple Ways To Show Your Daycare Worker You Care


When it comes to showing appreciation for your child’s Daycare Educator small acts equal big impacts!  As a parent, there are a handful of little things you can do to make my day as an Educator.  Every day we see parents run in and out of the daycare.  We understand the hustle and bustle of life.  We understand the chaos and uncontrollable tantrums - we live it every day too.  There are some parents who are really great at making an Educator's day.  Those parents make me feel proud to be an Educator ad help make the day a little easier too.  

Here are five super simple things you can do to show your child's Educator you appreciate them, based on my own experience.


1]  Take The Time To Talk To Your Educator

 Whether you're running late for that meeting or you have a little extra time in the morning before work, we love when you chat with us.I know most of the chatting is around your child and their progress but it could be 30 seconds or five solid minutes we love hearing how your morning is going or sharing a few words back and forth before you drop your little one off. It makes us feel important, it makes us feel like we truly are apart of your everyday routine and we matter. It’s important to us that you value the relationship we have on a professional and personal level . There are always those parents who seem to remember small details about me or take time to ask how things are going and that certainly builds a stronger relationship.  I’m always left smiling after a parent happily drops their child off and asks me how my morning is or wishes me a good day. It sets us up for a happy and positive start and that reflects back to you and your day as well.


2 ] Say Your Educator's Name

Of course, you can't know everyone if you're at a large daycare center.  But if I'm the person primarily caring for your child every day, you probably know my name - so go ahead and use it.   It makes our connection more personal.  When you call me by name it makes me feel valued and important to you.  It makes me feel like you took the time to know me.  When you actually take the time to learn and say my name, I can't help but smile. 

3] Treat Your Educator Like Family

I still have a pile of family photos from parents and cards from children that they made me at home.  I value them so much that I have some from five years ago.  I dig them out from time to time because they make me smile. I absolutely love that you thought of me. That you wanted me to have your family photo. I love seeing your little one dressed up and smiling for the camera.  There's something extra special and meaningful about sharing a relationship with your family through these little treasures.   I love watching your child begin new phases in their lives.  I love knowing I was a small part of it. And you thought of me.

4] Bring Your Educator Treats

Maybe it was a weekend birthday party and there were left over cookies or you just felt like baking cupcakes. When you bring your Educator treats of any sort , we can't help but love you. You're most likely talked about in the break room as we dive into the jelly filled donuts and talk about how much we appreciate you and that you simply saved the day. We don’t forget about it either.  It might be six months down the road but we will never forget which parents brought us treats and thought about us.  We know you've got tons on the go and appreciate your thoughtfulness... and the donuts.

5] Be Brutally Honest

When you come in with your hair standing up on one side, we don’t judge. We love your brutal honesty about what happened and we've probably heard it all.  Tell me if you were up all night with your two year old.  This could impact their behaviour during the day, I need to know!  Tell me if your child had a poop explosion on the drive daycare, and you just don’t have time to deal with it. You might as well give it to me straight up, I don’t need any sugar coating. Some parents try to present themselves like they have it all together all the time.  There’s no need for this kind of deceit. Nobody has it all together, not when it comes to kids. We love honesty. The brutal honest truth.

Moms and Dads,  I totally respect you, I know you’re doing the best you can.  Quite frankly you amaze me.  You're making it all work (most days anyways).  You're dropping off your little one and managing the demands of a career too.  I think you’re doing a great job, even if you don’t think you are. If there’s one place you don't have to keep it all together it’s in front of me. I totally get it, I spend hours with your little one every day. I know how demanding, unpredictable and chaotic your morning can be.  I basically live that morning all day, every day ;)




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