Build a Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe


Try a Minimalist Approach To Building Your Postpartum Wardrobe

10 Pieces + 3 Shoes = 60 + Outfit Possibilities


Your ever-changing body can be tough to dress post-baby. It doesn’t seem sensible to go out and buy new clothes while you’re still in such transition. At the same time, your maternity leave clothes don’t fit any longer. Plus, those pre-baby jeans just aren’t happening yet.

Use this simple guide to build a flexible post-baby wardrobe that’s cost-effective and practical. Let’s face it, feeling good about yourself is good for you and your family. Really often, our clothes can contribute to how we’re feeling. Try these awesome and completely doable tips to build a perfect postpartum capsule wardrobe.

While you’re at it, focus on how great it feels and the rewards of spending some time on yourself. The transition to motherhood is a great time to focus on your personal and professional development. Lean Into Your Personal Values with this post on Pursuing Your Purpose.



Top Tip From The Stylist:

Don’t wait until you “lose the baby weight”. You deserve to have clothes that fit you now and make you feel comfortable while your body continues to change and heal.

- Amanda Hanson, Simply Stylish


1] Two Layering pieces

It can camouflage your midsection if you are self-conscious and provide more coverage if you are nursing. Make sure that it drapes over your curves and creates a vertical elongating line down your torso. A layering piece can be: cardigans, button up tops, vests, denim shirts, or a kimono.

2] One Pair of Pants (jeans, coloured pants, etc…)

You need at least one pair of pants for times that you want to dress up a bit more. If the pants have a high percentage of cotton, they are less likely to have stretch. Stretchy pants will hold their shape a bit more as your body changes. If they get loose around your waist, then add a belt or to get them tailored in at the waist.

I’m Shauna, mom of two and total type A. I believe that mat leave is the perfect time to align your goals with your new role as a mom. Rock your return to work, start a new biz or pursue a new passion. Stick around for guidance and inspiration.

I’m Shauna, mom of two and total type A. I believe that mat leave is the perfect time to align your goals with your new role as a mom. Rock your return to work, start a new biz or pursue a new passion. Stick around for guidance and inspiration.







3] Three Tops

Choose tops that are draping, flowy and have movement so it doesn't cling to places you may not want it to cling. The hemline is an important part of you shirt as it is a horizontal line and it will widen and emphasizes where it lands. So choose a length that goes past the widest part of your stomach. Avoid embellishments like ruffles, pleats, pockets, that area that you want to draw the eye away from. You can choose a high density (busy pattern) top so it keeps the eye busy and distracted. If you are larger busted and want to minimize your bust, then look for V necklines, as it will cut into your chest depth and minimize the visual volume of a larger chest.

4] Tank Tops

Choose ones that are made for nursing if you are nursing, because your body temperature is still all over the place and you will be cuddling another human which is source of heat. They also tend to be lower in cost.


5] One Dress

Dresses are easy because you only have one piece to worry about and it is nice to have on hand for family pictures. Chose one that flows and has movement so it can drape over any curves you might have. Look for ones that are made specifically for nursing or one that has a V neck or buttons for easy access if you are nursing. If it is Fall or Winter, then add your leggings for warmth.

6] Shoes

You may need to add these to your shopping list if your feet size has changed. Depending on the time of year, I recommend one casual pair of sneakers, flat shoe and an ankle boot.These 3 shoes should be able to easily pair with any of your outfits and any time of year. If it is winter, then you will need to add a winter boot to your list. If it is summer, then you will have to add a sandal to your list.


7] A Really Good Bra

if you are nursing then you will at least need two for those times when your milk leaks. I recommend buying bras post baby, as you never know what size you will need until then.

8] A Jacket

This will also depend on the time of year you had a baby. You don’t have to splurge on the jacket, but make sure you have one for those times it’s cool, raining or snowing.


9] Leggings or Jogging Pants

They have stretch and will still hold their shape while your body changes. Use your maternity leggings if you have some and still fit. If leggings, are not your thing, then I recommend a cute pair of jogging pants.


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Your completed capsule wardrobe will look something like this:


This is a guest post by Amanda Hanson of Simply Stylish.

It’s about how you feel in your clothes.

Follow Amanda: Instagram - @simplystylishsj Facebook - @simplystylishinc


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