Three Reasons To Use LinkedIn On Mat Leave

Do Your Career A Favour: Use LinkedIn While You’re On Mat Leave

LinkedIn can be an excellent tool to enhance your professional brand and identity. Staying connected on this social media channel can stay wonders for your engagement in your professional field.



Rushing down the street to meet my punctual husband for a rare restaurant lunch, I noticed a former colleague strolling in the same direction. I quickly explained the reason for my hurried pace and while breezing past, I heard her bellow, “OK. See you on Facebook”!

Would you consider giving up Facebook on mat leave? Instagram? NO?

Then why even consider opting out of LinkedIn, the one network designed to give you the best chance of bridging where you are now with your future career and greater economic potential? Walking away from LinkedIn is like walking away from your professional identity altogether.

Here are three reasons you shouldn’t forget LinkedIn while you’re on maternity leave. There’s some good news here too - staying connected doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated!

Reason 1 ] To Stay Connected and Current

The decision to participate on any social network centres on relationships. The same is true with the planet’s largest online professional network, LinkedIn. With 630 million members around the globe, it’s both global AND local. If you plan to return to work ‘outside-the-home’, after 12 weeks, one year, or three, staying in touch with colleagues, your company and industry will serve both your short and longer-term goals.

Even when your yoga pants are avocado-stained and it’s been days since makeup has touched your sleep-deprived visage, your easiest way to stay professionally connected is online, on LinkedIn. It brings a measure of control over your future into your own hands.

As LinkedIn’s co-founder Reid Hoffman prophesied in the New Yorker, “the keeper of your career will be not your employer but your personal network—so you’d better put a lot of effort into making it as extensive and as vital as possible.”


Reason 2 ] To Continue to build the brand of YOU

Being Mom is a full-time job. Everyday, you wake up as the leader of your household, the CEO, CFO, Chief Influencer, Organizer, and People Manager. Good skills to nurture. Be the leader of you, too. Carve out 10 minutes, 3-times a week, dedicated to amplifying your professional life, building the brand of YOU. Be seen. Activate your newsfeed and “like”, “comment”, or “share” relevant posts. This helps keep your knowledge current and the world’s memory of you, top of mind. Every time you “like” a post, your profile photo appears. Every time you “comment”, your headline appears. For optimal effect, activate your newsfeed on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Reason 3 ] To Care For Your Future Self

A return to the workplace following a year of changed priorities can seem daunting. By staying connected with your professional “YOU” as well as with people in your company and industry, you’ll shrink the feeling of distance between home and office. Feel proud of the bridge you’ve constructed that leads you closer to the future you imagined for you and family. Some people may not even realize you’ve been away because they’ve recently “seen” you - on LinkedIn!

This is a guest post by Eleanor Austin, founder of New Marketing Today. New Marketing Today is about Marketing YOU - on LinkedIn, the largest professional network on the planet.  Eleanor coaches individuals and teams on ways to optimize their brand on LinkedIn

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