4 Reasons I Appreciate My Mom

My Mom is one of the truly amazing Moms.  She’s the kind of Mom who always takes a back seat in life so that her children could get sit in the front.   My Mom’s got something a little extra. 


When I think of my mom the first thing I see is a her smile. This is a smile that I love to see when I make her proud. I always got to see that smile when I stepped on stage to sing or when I wrote a story as a little girl.  It’s a special smile that only Moms have.  I hope you know this kind of smile too.  It radiates unconditional love.  A kind of love I didn't fully understand myself until I heard the beating heart of my very first child within my own body.   I can learn so much from my Mom, and I bet you can too. 

Here are four things that my mom did for me that I’ll always appreciate and will do for my little bundle of joy too!

1.  My Mom Is Always Present

Growing up, my mom was always present. She was always there whether it was to cheer me on at a talent show or a parent teacher conference.  She was my number one fan, and still is. It wasn’t until I became an adult, that I realized how much of herself she gave to my brother and I.  Being a Mom is giving, without getting something in return and my Mom lives this.   So many nights with a sleepy “I love you mommy”, from her little ones, as the only reward after a long day.  The funny thing is, it seems like this is all she needs for assurance that she’s a doing a good job.

2.  My Mom Helps Me Grow

Whether It was that I could have hit that note better while practicing singing or I could have pulled my grades up a bit, she wasn't afraid to tell me. She always told me with love and delivered her message in a constructive way.  She balances showing appreciation for the things I’m good at with helping me become better.   I’m happy she pushed me and showed me that I could do better.  This has ended up being a really profound life lesson, showing me that I don’t need to ‘settle’.   My Mom still helps me grow as an adult.   Because I want to make her proud and because she always cares, she’s the first person I want to share new accomplishments with.  She helps build me up to take leaps in life.  Even if I fail she is right there to pick up the pieces and help me learn.

3.  My Mom is Selfless

When I found out I was pregnant, I struggled mentally and physically.  My mom was right there by my side. Mom was always checking in with phone calls or quick texts make sure I was okay. She told me that if I could get over this small rough patch, I would end up being stronger than ever on the other side.  She was right. Through pregnancy and with my mother’s help, I feel like I have found my true self again.   All during this time, my mother lost her very own mother.  She put her pain aside to help me.   This was the most selfless act anyone has ever shown me. My mother's strength and kindness to her family and others is exemplary.  She is a light in the darkness for many people and teaches me how I can be stronger, through her intuitive acts of kindness.

4.  My Mom Will Be An Amazing Nana

My mom was so excited the moment she knew she was going to be a Nana.  Plus, she made it very clear she was going to be called ‘nana” and not some other form of ‘grandmother’ that she says would make her sound over the hill.  She created a calendar system called the ‘ladder to becoming a Nana’.   As each month of my pregnancy that passes, she crosses a step off that ladder. I can see my mom baking cookies in the kitchen with my little one. I see Saturday night sleepovers at her place and treats, when I’m not looking. She will spoil this grand child with gifts, goodies and endless amount of snuggles. I cannot wait to watch her grow into a Nana and having her help me as I grow into a Mother.

I hope to be half the mom my mother is.  I want to make an impact on my baby’s life the way my mother did for me, and continues to do every day.

 If your mother is the glue to your family, your best friend or just plain special, show her some extra love this Mother’s Day. Go out of your way to show her how much you appreciate her. Sometimes a simple and meaningful “thank you” means more to her than you’ll ever know. A mother's love is an extraordinary thing it has the power to take a child who’s afraid to leap and give them the strength to fly on their own. I’m so thankful my Mother is, and always was, the wind beneath my wings.

Thank You Mom. 


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