Dress-up With My Dudes. Cute Outfits Aren't Just For Girls

Please don't tell me I won't have as much fun with a baby boy as I would with a baby girl.  And please do not tell me about how hard it is to find cute outfits for little boys.  I will prove you wrong.  Completely.  Every.single.time.  

I'll be honest, part of having little kids for me is playing dress up.  So tell me my little boy can't look as cute as your little girl, well, I dare ya!  I grew up as a total girly girl.  I loved playing dress-up, still do actually.  I loved dressing dolls too.  This passion has now moved to my little boys.  I will enjoy every last second of dressing them up how I like.  Ridiculous outfits for special occasions?  Yes please.  Matching kids? Yes please.  Photos upon photos of two handsome little men rocking the latest in bunny ear fashion.  That's just how I roll.  

Seriously.  I don't even understand the point of having children if you're not going to torment them a little bit.  Can you imagine the slideshows that will be played at their weddings?

 I've heard more than once "but they're not dolls".  Well you know what, right now they are.  Until they start giving a shit, they are going to look ridiculously cute in their seasonal and matching outfits.  I will shamelessly photograph them and share their photos on social media.   

Scroll below.  Enjoy my love of dressing up my dudes and get a little inspo for dressing your little guys!