What To Expect In The Second Trimester Of Pregnancy


I’ve always heard most women say the second trimester is the easiest and most enjoyable part of their pregnancy. As you can imagine, after 12 weeks of nausea I was really ready for trimester two. For the most part this part of pregnancy has been a lot more enjoyable for me! Maybe you're in the same boat as me? Or maybe it’s a completely different journey for you. There’s no right or wrong. All our pregnancy journeys are different.

Here are some of the great and not so great things I've experienced in the fourth, fifth and sixth months of pregnancy.

1] A Boost of Energy

During the first few months of pregnancy it was hard for me to move off the couch in general. At the start of my second trimester, I had an extreme boost in energy. Spring time was just beginning and I found myself enjoying life with a little extra pep in my step. I was dancing around the kitchen, I wanted to go out more and enjoy myself, I wanted to make myself look and feel better. During the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, my hair was in a permanent top knot…. As the weeks went on and I felt better I started reaching for the curling wand.  

The second trimester was the perfect time to think about a trip with my partner. We planned a get away and it couldn't have happened at a better time. A touch of sunshine was the best medicine after the first few rough months of pregnancy. It brought lots of laughter and fun, which is all around good for your mental health in so many ways. I recommend anyone thinking about a babymoon trip to do so in the second trimester. Not only are you most likely feeling your best and want to show off that glow, you are going to enjoy the relaxation and alone time before you prepare for the next few busy months and giving birth.

2] Headaches, Aches and Pains

I had always been prone to headaches before pregnancy but the second trimester headaches were really next level. I didn't experience them much in the first part of my pregnancy but by the forth and fifth month, I was reaching for the Tylenol regularly. 

Another ache and pain that really surprised me was round ligament pain. I hadn’t anticipated this discomfort and had no idea the stretching my body was going through. I suppose it depends solely on each woman and her pregnancy but this was something I wasn't expecting until it happened. It actually alarmed me, until I talked to my doctor about. Sure enough ,it is a normal part of pregnancy. When I reached about the sixth month of pregnancy, the aches and pains have subsided a great deal. Thankfully my cauliflower sized little sweetheart has made some room for himself.

3] I Really Popped

Many women will tell you the most exciting part of pregnancy is when they get their belly bump and I tend to agree! I’ve been sporting my bump for a little over three months now and it is nothing short of amazing. A bump so magical it makes the hard parts of pregnancy worth it all. It seemed to happen quite quickly for me. It seemed like I woke up one morning and there he was. The weirdest and also the most incredible feeling ever.  I invested in a belly band right away and would recommend you do this too. I love the Bellyband because it helps me look and feel more comfortable in my clothes. It also helps because my growing bump doesn't feel as heavy and awkward when I wear it. For me, maternity pants were a must too. I wasn't going to try and force my old pants to fit, those days are over for a little while!

As much as I loved seeing myself pop, it takes time adjusting to this new bod. Getting dressed became a challenge for a while and I sometimes don’t feel at home in my own skin. But, I am trying. I’m also trying to give myself some time to adjust because everything is so new. I hope you work on loving your new self too. Even if it takes a little time.

4] I’m Really Hungry

Once the nausea subsided in the second trimester, I got my appetite back and I mean full force. If we don't have ice cream in the house my partner heads to to the store right away. I know they use the term eating for two. Sometimes that’s exactly what it feels like for me. For the most part my morning sickness has subsided a great deal and that definitely brought my love for food.

5] My Gender Ultrasound

Not all expecting moms and dads choose to find out the gender around 20 weeks and that’s okay! Some keep the gender as a surprise until delivery day. Regardless, you'll be having a midway ultrasound to check on baby. My partner and I decided to find out our baby's gender and throw a big party to celebrate the news. This was the right decision for my Partner and I.  The experience of sharing this news with family and friends was a real highlight of my pregnancy to date. Read the full story, with lots of pics > here

Genderreveal clothespins

Expectant Moms do what’s right for you and take it all in. You are creating a life, you only get to carry this precious baby for nine months. Enjoy every moment, ride the waves and do your best to always put yourself first. Do what's best for you and your little one. You are a rockstar, regardless of how you feel on the hard days.  

The second trimester brings many exciting milestones. Everything is all starting to line up and come together. This journey, although hard at times, has been the most exciting times of my life. Can’t wait to see what the next trimester brings (hopefully a baby!)

This is a guest post by April DeLong.
Like her name implies, April brings sunshine and brighter days.  She is a Mom to be and experienced Early Childhood Educator . You'll see April guest posting here from time to time.  She's got a way with words, with pictures and she's just plain genuine. 

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