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Stacey McLellan is a two-time Mom and Entrepreneur with a passion for health and wellness.  She's a real estate agent based in Saint John, New Brunswick who manages to find the time to also run a successful home-based business.  Her side gig promotes health and wellness through natural supplements. 

Stacey and I took dance classes together for many years.  I always admired her commitment to fitness and ability to build a business.  Recently Stacey took on a big career change, moving into the competitive world of real-estate.    

Here, Stacey talks about her businesses, how natural supplements have had an amazing impact on her overall health and gives some practical advice for new Moms to hold on to their professional identities through the transition to motherhood.

Q:  Tell me about yourself, personally and professionally.

A:  Personally, I would be best described as “driven”!  I believe it’s because I want to be a positive role model to my sons and other working mothers who want to be the very best and do the very best for their families.

Professionally, I have consistently proven my worth by being diligent and establishing relationships with clients and mentors.  I was rewarded for these efforts by way of promotions, incentive awards, and several bonuses.

Q:  You recently went through a big career change.  Can you tell me about this experience?

A:  I’ve spent many years working in sales.  My past sales role was in industrial and safety supplies.  This was a challenge in and of itself being a female in a predominately male workforce. But my record soon spoke for itself!  Despite this, there was something missing and I didn’t feel fulfilled.  It was time for me to take on another challenge, so I started looking into moving into real estate. 

I always had a keen interest in decorating and house flipping – the transformation of a rundown house into a beautiful home!  And, I love helping people to achieve their goals and turn their dream into a reality.  Selling real estate isn’t an easy job but when you do make that sale (as in any field of sales) it can be extremely rewarding.  When it comes to realtors, I believe most people look for expertise, guidance and direction, trust, commitment, and determination, all extremely important traits.  With more than 15 years of successful sales experience and exemplary customer service, I think I have all these characteristics and more – selling real estate is the niche I’ve been seeking!

Q:  What attracted you to becoming a Realtor?

A:  The opportunity to balance family demands was a big attraction for me.  In the beginning, while studying, it was stressful trying to be there for my children while being under the gun and having to meet that awful deadline (the test date – ugh).  But, if you really want something, you just do it.  I submerged myself into the books and with my husband’s help and support, we achieved my goal together.  The learning curve in real estate can take awhile, that’s a given; however, running my own business will allow me to establish my own schedule – a huge benefit when it comes to my family!

Q:  What are you passionate about?

A:  My passion is health and wellness.  I always considered myself to be in great shape by being active and going to the gym regularly (5-6 times per week).  I started competing in bikini competitions in 2013.  But even though I may have been healthy and fit looking on the outside, I had battled stomach issues for several years.  I soon learned that the culprit of my health challenges was sugar, a lack of appropriate nutrients, and what’s called candida overgrowth.  This can affect one’s health in many ways.  After having tried several different avenues by way of doctors and naturopaths, it was my discovery of supplements that led me to have a true understanding of what “gut health” really meant.  My stomach issues are now a thing of the past.  I’m thankful that I’ve found the essential micronutrients and macronutrients that my body needs to perform at optimal levels every day.

Q:  Can you look back on your maternity leave experiences and tell me what it was like for you?

A:  The abrupt change from work life to maternity leave was an eye opener!  The hormonal changes and having responsibility for another tiny human being simply overwhelmed me.  And, like so many other young mothers before me, I felt that I had to be Super Mom... I had to do it all and do it well. But soon found out that that doing it all just wasn’t in the cards!   I came to the realization that I needed help so I asked for it.  My husband took on extra house chores, and my mom helped by babysitting.  This let me have a little bit of time for myself.  New moms need to be this time - without feeling guilty for wanting it! 

Q:  What advice would you to women looking to hold on to professional identities when transitioning through motherhood are?

I’d recommend new moms consider doing these things - all easier said than done ;) 

  • Stay in touch with peers through networking events

  • Continue to pursue your career, if that’s what you want! If you want to raise your family until they reach school age, get involved in volunteer work (on your schedule) to keep up with your skills and/or to hone in on developing a new skill base

  • Work from home if you can.  There are many opportunities available to young mothers (and others) to continue earning a living by way of a home-based business

  • Continue education with a focus on making yourself more marketable in the workplace

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