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I recently connected with Natalie Davison, Mom, Entrepreneur and one of my fave marketers.  She's based in Moncton, New Brunswick and with her Business Partner, Cearagh Vessey, runs Marrow Marketing.   I spent months working with Marrow to find my voice and the voice of my business.   Feeling lost in a world of blogging and digital advertising, Natalie helped me articulate my purpose.  She helped me find the confidence I needed to share my message with the world and convinced me that my message is meaningful.  

Q:  Tell me about yourself, personally and professionally.

A:  I’m a marketer and a professional speaker, a mom of twins and a puppy, and I’m married to the boy I started dating 19 years ago, at 19 years old. I’m half of Marrow Marketing and most of my best friends are marketers.

Q:  When did you go on maternity leave?  What was maternity leave like for you?

A:  I went on mat leave in 2008 when I was pregnant with the twins. It was a terribly awkward situation - I had just changed jobs and got the surprise of a lifetime… not only was I pregnant, but I was carrying identical twins in a high-risk pregnancy.  My EDD (estimated due date) was late November but due to my condition, I was put off work and on bed rest in July. I delivered the boys at 32 weeks, in late September.

Q:  How did maternity leave impact your professional career? 

A:  Because I was so new in my role when we discovered that I was pregnant - and in a high-risk pregnancy - my director immediately met with me and advised me that they would be changing my role and moving me to a position where I would be providing admin support to the people doing the job I was hired for.  To me, that sounded an awful lot like a demotion. So,  I went home, compiled research and returned the next day to advise that I would not accept a demotion based on my pregnancy.

Because I ended up on bedrest so soon thereafter, it was clear that this employer and I were not a fit. Our entire relationship together had been a series of mutual disappointments. While I knew that I would eventually return to work, I also knew that it would not be at this place of work. I found a new role and began with a fresh start.

Q:  What are some of the ways you suggest women hold onto their professional identities through the transition to motherhood?

A:  I think it’s important to acknowledge that pregnant women in the workplace offer a visual reminder that there is more to us than our job roles. Depending on the culture of your workplace, that visual reminder may spark unfair treatment or judgement on the part of your leadership team and colleagues. I absolutely hate to admit that women sometimes have to overcompensate with extra-professional language and appearance during the transition to motherhood however, to ignore that reality would be unfair.

For me, pregnancy was very challenging. My feet grew three sizes, I had memory lapses and I wasn’t able to drive myself to work. My entire identity was in question (and I was new in my job)! Taking time to ensure that I was well put-together and that talking points were planned in advance really helped me maintain ground through the tougher parts of that transition.

Q:  I see managing your career and professional brand as a piece of self-care.  Would you agree or disagree?  Why?

A:  I don’t disagree however, I would consider the fact that some people consider self-care an indulgence. Managing your career and professional brand should never be considered indulgent… they are absolute essentials, plain and simple.

Your brand is what’s said about you: the first thing people think when they hear your name. That is not something that should ever be left in the hands of anyone but YOU!

Q:  If you could go back and do your maternity leave over again, would you do anything differently, when it comes to your career?

A:  I actually wouldn’t change a thing, because I knew that I would not be returning to that place of work before I ever went on leave.

Q:  What is Marrow all about?

A:  Marrow is a content marketing agency built around the idea that selling doesn’t work anymore. We work with businesses who are (or want to be) purpose-driven and we help our clients really dig into what they’re made of as their greatest value proposition

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