5 Simple Organization Tips To Survive Working Mom Life


Try These Five Things To Get More Organized As a Working Mom

I really like being organized and it looks like you do too!  Organization takes away stress and gives me the illusion that I have some sort of control over my life. 

I do my best to run our household efficiently and keep everyone on track in our day-to-day.  For the most part, things run pretty smoothly...  Until the unforeseen creeps up on us!


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Here are five simple organization tips to survive working mom life. Admittedly, they will never work perfectly smooth. You’re a mother, after all!



1.  Plan Ahead

Try to plan ahead whenever this is possible.  For example, on Sundays lay out everyone’s clothes for the week.

Grab on of those plastic drawer organizers for everyone’s clothes and label them for each day of the week.

For the little ones who still let you pick out their clothes: 

Put each clothing item in a plastic drawer unit so there's no fussing and figuring out clothing first thing in the morning when we're getting out the door.  This approach works MOST of the time.  The reality is though, there will be days where it doesn’t work. Dude, if you're feeling a Ninja Turtle vibe today, Mom's got your back.  We sometimes change the selections on the fly. My little helps me get everything ready in the first place, so he's typically pretty cool with what's picked out. 

For mom: 

I like to choose my outfits in advance too.    I hang everything (jewellery included) on a rack in my dressing room so I can be ready to go FAST!  Plus, if you’re postpartum, some of your pre-pregnancy clothes might not be fitting yet. This alleviates the stress of picking something out really quickly in the morning. If you’re looking to build a postpartum wardrobe, check out this post on How To Build a Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe.

2.  Do Laundry Every Day

 The one chore I loathe - laundry...  Ugh.  Can't we just throw out our clothes after we wear them?  I found multiple loads, sorting, folding and putting away taking up what felt like an entire day.  The process was just sucky and time consuming.  Now I do a little load every single day.  I prefer this approach because it's so much faster.  I run the washer as soon as I get up and actually complete the entire process - including putting the stuff away - in a couple of hours.  Since I work, from home I have the flexibility of putting the clothes away during the day. This way I don't dread doing mountains of laundry and having it eat up an entire day.  

3.  Stick to a Morning Routine

I do the exact same thing every single morning. Mornings are hard, especially with little ones and they really can set the tone for the day. It sounds really boring. But - I assure you the morning routine my family sticks to makes us much more fun to be around.  My kids are small.  They like routine too.  Lucky for them, Mom's an off the charts Type A.

The routine goes something like this:

- Mom up at 6:00 am

I use my time alone to get the boys’ things organized for the day, get my act together and sip some coffee.

- Kids up by 7:00 am

- Make beds

- Run the dishwasher

- Run the washer

Basically, I like to get all the operational day-to-day stuff I have to do every day done in the mornings. I feel a sense of accomplishment and freedom once these tasks are done.  This is an option for everyone, depending on their work schedule. I would encourage you to carve out some time to get some of these things done early in the day, if at all possible. You’ll feel a sense of relief and accomplishment.


4. Keep 2 Lists

 List 1- Mom's List

I always have a list on the go.  I just keep a list in my notes on my phone. It's super random and includes all my thoughts that I don't want to forget and everything I need to remember. For example, I’ve got to send that email, I need to buy dish soap, writing ideas... whatever it is, I write it down!  That way, I don't feel the stress of trying to remember it anymore. 

List 2- I Mom and Dad's List

I also have a shared list with my partner, Shawn.  We keep track of groceries, and to do’s in a shared note on our phones. We use the ‘notes’ app that comes standard with iPhone to do this.

5.  Break Even At the End of the Day 

There's always exceptions.  But for the most part, I like to get up and start net neutral with no long list of chores left from the day before.  So before I go to bed I do tidying up, make sure the dishes are away and tie up any loose ends.  For the most part, when  go to bed the house is really tidy.  It's nice for the 10 minutes in the morning it stays like that.  I only pretty rarely deviate from these strategies. When I do, it’s likely because of something unforeseen.

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