4 Ways Your Daycare Worker Shows Your Little One Love



Dropping the kids off at daycare is hard.  Especially in those early days!  As an Early Childhood Educator (A Professionally Designated And Educated Daycare Worker), I want you to know how I really feel about your kids.

 I've always seen things solely from an Educator's point of view.  Now as a mom to be, my perspective is different.  I just can't imagine the worry that goes into leaving your child at daycare.  It will make a big difference and alleviate lots of stress if you can fully trust the person taking care of your little ones. This sense of comfort gives you a chance to be the best version of yourself as a working mom. 

Your child is among the first faces I see every day. I wipe your little one's tears when he's sad and I laugh with her when she's being silly.  I get to grow and learn alongside your little one each and every day. I help teach your little one skills that they will carry for their entire lives. I think it takes a special person to love someone else's child. That's why the world was given Educators.  We are special people designed for this really important job.  We've got the special hearts, minds and stomachs for your little ones ;)

In this post I share four reasons why your child's Educator loves your child too...  Almost as much as you do!

1]  Your Child Relies On Me

I’m someone your child looks up to and needs. Like you, I have saved Chase from Paw Patrol from the yellow dump truck they jammed him into.  I have been there when your child wants to give me a hug for no reason.  Your child tells me they love me and, when I least least expect it, I feel a tight snuggle wrapped around my leg.  I love looking down to see your little one looking up at me with their sweet face.  I stop everything when your child needs this attention and affection, I realize they rely on me for kindness and love, in addition to learning.  


2] I Really Care if they Poop on the Potty

I couldn’t count how many times I've jumped up and down, done a dance, given a high five or clapped my hands because your child pooped in the potty. I love that I get to share in this, and other, big milestones.  Day in and day out, I work on it with them, while you're at work.  I see your little one squatting in the corner by the blocks.  Your little one is over there, face as red as a tomato so I run like wildfire across the room to get them to the bathroom in time. 

It’s all hard work, of course.  Especially when all they want to do is keep up with their friends. Then there's that moment when they use the potty after months of trying.  I feel victory, like your child does and like you do.  The victory that comes from hard work and achieving a brand new skill.  The victory that comes from knowing that I helped with that.

3] I See Your Little One More Than You Do

The hard truth is that I see your children more than you do. I see things throughout the day that mom and dad miss out on.  Those tiny moments where your little one shows kindness by sharing with their friends.  I love spotting these moments and knowing, wholeheartedly, they were unaware that I was watching - but I was. I see that moment when your little one's eyes light up at the pictures in a new book or the first time they recognize their own name in print.  I see when your little one finally tries that new food that would have ended up on the floor, if they were at the dinner table at home.  I see cuts, scrapes and bruises that mom and dad miss out on.  I promise that I comfort them, just like a superhero swooping in just at the right time. I kiss it better and run to get the band aid. 


4] I Think About Your Little One On The Weekend

You get the early mornings, the evening rush of suppertime and baths with your little one.   But I'm with him or her for up to eight hours ever weekday.  I know I have a big responsibility to uphold for taking care of your little one.  I know this is your whole world. So I ask you - how could I not fall in love with your beautiful child?  I have to know how those swimming lessons were on Saturday, I need to know how Grandma’s apple pie tasted.  Your little one crosses my mind while I'm at home and I wonder about them.  Your little one relives their weekend moments by sharing them with me and I love hearing about it.  I care so much.  My love for your child doesn't end on a Friday afternoon at pick up.

Please don't worry, your little one will never love me more than they love you. 

I'm pretty much dust in the wind the moment you walk in after a long, hard day. Please don't underestimate how many times they remind us “my mommy is at work” or “my daddy has a big truck” or how much they love you and miss you.  Sometimes your little one reminds me how much better their mommy is compared to their classmates' mommy.

Just remember, I love your little one too.  I cherish your child and we want to see him succeed.  I may only be a small stepping stone in your child's life.  I might not even be remembered, that’s okay because I won't forget what your child has taught me.  I’ll even remember your face lighting up when we told you your child had a terrific day. 

As an Educator, I'm a piece of your family's puzzle.  You're the big picture.  I'm but learning from your child every day. Your child challenges me, helps me to better at my job and allows me to grow in my own life.  Your child has taught me what it takes me be a Mom.  It is because of your little one that I feel ready to be a Mom. 

Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of your world with me every day.